Rhu Bru Pty Ltd. is a family company based in Scottsdale, Tasmania, Australia producing unique rhubarb based products. We work on the principle of value adding and utilise those stalks of rhubarb that are merely too short, too long, too thick, too thin or do not make first grade for the fresh market. 
From picking and sorting the stalks to labelling and packing the bottles and jars everything is done by hand. We are proud of the employment opportunities our small business is providing in our region.
We strive to create quality products that lead you back to the flavours of the country time after time - your taste of a slower pace of life every day. Our new juice range is made with apple juice (from Tasmania as well) with just a touch of stevia to sweeten. This keeps calories and carbs right down for those who need to consider these issues for their health. 

Come and sample Rhu Bru products at our home where we have created a shopfront called The House of Rhubarb! There is lots of goodies to try! You can also stay with us at Beulah Heritage Accommodation our 4 star B&B where rhubarb is on the breakfast menu of course!

Now available on line - direct from grower/producer to you!

New Juices - Beetroot